Getting to Jay Peak

Approximate travel distances to Jay Peak:

Boston, MA 3.5 hours 230 miles
Halifax, NS 11.75 hours 1100km
Montreal, QC 1.5 hours 137km/85 miles
Toronto, ON 7 hours 652 km/405 miles
Quebec City, QC 3 hours 307 km/191 miles
Ottawa, ON 3.5 hours 370 km/230 miles


If you are having any trouble finding Jay Peak on your GPS(or google maps) try one of these physical addresses as your destination point:

830 Jay Peak Rd, Jay, Vermont 05859
1144 Access Road, Jay, VT 05859


Jay Peak offers the option of a shuttle from the Montreal (Pierre Elliot Trudeau) airport, for anyone interested in that method of travel.

Your request for transportation is submitted and handled through Jay Peak.

All of the information can be found on their website.