Hotel Bookings

Just a reminder that we are only two months away from hitting the slopes and now would be a good time to book any hotels you plan to stay at during your travels to and from the hill.

If you are planning to take advantage of our group discounts, be sure to book at the County Inn at the Mall, Bangor, and/or the Best Western Plus Freeport Inn, Freeport.

We have all the details here on our site, under the FAQ section.


Happy Friday!

We are getting so close to the trip dates, it is hard to believe. Those of you on the March 15th trip will probably be packing up the car one month from today! Heading down for March 1? Only two more weekends between now and hitting the road.

Sunday River has still been getting lots of snow, with cold temperatures keeping it around. Looks like we are going to have a good March this year 🙂

These pictures were taken this week:


Pow. For. Days.

And here is the latest video from the hill:

Happy Friday!

Update – November 4, 2014

Hello Everyone!

It is hard to believe but yesterday was officially opening day at Sunday River! They have one run open; they are always very early to get something up and running.

We too are hoping to get all of our rooms filled soon, Dec 1 is coming fast and based on what the Hill did last year on Dec 1  – we probably will be very short on availability after that date!

We have a few studio superiors left for Mar 1-6 and a better selection for Mar 15-20.