Jay Peak Snowfall

Hope everyone is having a great week! We just had to share pictures from Jay Peak taken by one of our group members, documenting the snow from Monday to today. The resort has received 6 feet of snow in 7 days!

Thanks for the photos Carolyn!


Latest Conditions

We thought those of you not following us on Facebook might be missing out on some of the recent pictures we have been sharing of both Jay Peak and Sunday River!

Conditions at both resorts are looking excellent, with so much more snow than we are seeing here in Nova Scotia! Jay Peak has received close to 3 feet of snow in the past 6 days with even more snow in the forecast tomorrow. Sunday River has also had it’s fair share of the white stuff and is predicting over 6 inches tomorrow.

Check out Jay Peak:


And Sunday River:


All images are courtesy of the respective resort Facebook pages. See more of Sunday River here, and Jay Peak here, And of course, check out the Duggan Ski Group Facebook page.

Hill Conditions

Bluebird morning

Sunday River has been receiving a lot of snow of late, and if anyone has not been following them on social media you may have missed the updates.

There are a total of 133 trails open today, with 24 inches of new snow in the last 10 days and 6 feet of snow in February!

The mountain report from earlier in the week said it best “You couldn’t ask for better conditions than these.” Fingers are crossed these conditions continue into March and we could be in for some wonderful times spent on the hill.

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Two Months Away

We are now approximately two months away from our ski trips with the first week group hitting the slopes in only 57 days!

If you are planning on staying at Country Inn at the Mall (Bangor) or the Best Western Plus Freeport Inn (Freeport) as part of your travels, don’t forget to call and book using the Duggan Ski Group discounts! All of the information is here on our website under the FAQ section of Where can I stay along the way?

Check out some of the other information as well under the FAQ and Information links in preparation for the trips.

Sunday River is currently boasting the most open terrain on the east coast with 106 trails open. They have received 9 new inches of snow in the past 5 days, with an average base depth of 32 inches of snow.

We are getting pretty excited! Hope everyone in the Nova Scotia region is staying warm tonight for the snow storm. We have our storm chips ready  🙂

Putting down layers on South Ridge

Thank you!

Thanks to all of you for another great trip! We saw some warm and slushy skiing but still had a wonderful time with great memories. It was also nice to meet some of our new group members.

If anyone has any photos they would like to post on the Gallery page please let us know! We will add some of ours from this year as well.

Hope to see you next year 🙂

CADS NS Special Events

UPDATE: Please note, the time has been corrected for the Ski Martock event since original posting. Correct time shown in text below.

Received this information today on upcoming events from the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing (CADS) and thought it may be of interest to our group members and their friends and family.

CADS NS is hosting Mark Newton (ALPINE CANADA ALPIN,  Para Alpine Athlete Development Manager) this weekend.

Saturday Feb 6th, Ski Martock @ 3:00 pm, BBQ between 2:30 and 3:30 pm
Sunday Feb 7th, Ski Wentworth @ 11:30 am, BBQ @ 12:00 noon.

If you know of anyone who may be interested in sit skiing or other para skiing, i.e. visually impaired, amputees, spinal injuries etc., please extend an invite to them.

Come out and meet Mark and the Regional Para Coach, Brian, and Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing (CADS) N.S. Provincial Representative for the CADS National Board of Directors, Ed McQuillan, as well as other CADS members and CADS ski instructors.

We would love to meet you to discuss adaptive skiing. If you would like to volunteer with CADS, drop by and we can help you get started.

PS – 86 trails are currently open, with 8 inches of snow in the forecast for tomorrow!

That view, though.


Looking for New Goggles, Anyone?

We recently discovered that West Halifax Optometry carries Zeal Optics goggles. The zeal website shows the different styles available, and seem reasonably priced. The contact at Halifax West Optometry is Melissa Harvey (902)406-2020; located at 2828 Windsor St in Halifax.

We wanted to pass along the brand name and contact info in case anyone needed a new pair of goggles for the season, these might be worth considering.

Some models are sized to fit over your prescription glasses (marked as “Over the Glass Ready” on their site) and four of the styles (Voyager, Slate, Fargo, and Forecast) can be fitted with special inserts to hold prescription lenses. These inserts are available through Melissa for $30. *The cost of the prescription lenses themselves not included.

Snow conditions are good at the hill; the picture below was from Tuesday! There are currently 87 trails open, on their 60th day of snow making 🙂

PS – We are not being compensated for sharing this information with you – just thought it was worth passing along in case anyone wanted to check them out!


Good News

We received word from Sunday River that they will be extending the 15% price discount until further notice. That is excellent news to help us with the current state of the Canadian Dollar!

Contact us soon to secure your spot on an upcoming trip.

They are currently seeing a lot of snow on the Hill; snowfall amounts earlier today were at 8 inches and counting.

Happy place found.

7" of freshies at Aurora.