About Us

Our names are Stan and Jackie Duggan and our first family ski trip was to Sunday River with our daughter, Pamela, and some of our close friends. We had an amazing time, and decided to make it an annual tradition. We started planning group trips to Sunday River, and have had a wonderful time doing so for 20+ years. We expanded to Jay Peak Resort in Vermont in 2019 and hope to return someday soon.

Pamela and her husband, Ryan, help us out with running this website, so let us know if there is any info you want added and we will pass it along!

If you are interested in joining us for a ski trip at Sunday River please let us know – we would love to have you come along! Contact us by email with any questions. You can still book at Sunday River with the Duggan Ski Group by booking online or calling the hill directly, more information is found under the Sunday River heading.

Email us at dugganskigroup@gmail.com

North Peak Lodge

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