High Demand for March 5th – 10th.

Adding a bit more insight into our previous post: March 5th – 10th is going very quickly!!

The only rooms available at the Summit during this week are Standard Rooms (2 beds). These do not have a kitchenette but we are told these do come with a mini fridge, and there are some toaster ovens available on a first come first serve basis.

There is still some availability at the Jordan in the different room styles, as of this morning.

Please do not miss out if you want to come along this year!!! Also remember, rates are set to increase November 1st.

March 12th – 17th still has availability at both resorts, but rooms are being booked quickly this year. We will try and keep everyone updated when we see the availability change, but will say this is really a first to be only the end of October and have so little available already.

If you have any questions at all on room types or the differences between the Summit and Jordan please let us know!


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