Price Hold

If you are not following us on Facebook, you may have missed the recent good news post: the prices did not go up on October 15th as expected! Prices are now set to change November 1; we are told the increase will be approximately 6 – 10% compared to the current rate.

So, if you were kicking yourself on missing the lowest price – you still have a bit more time 😉

Also, a few booking tips to share:

  • When booking multiple rooms, the system does not give a way to link the rooms together. If you have room preferences or are booking multiple rooms, you are encouraged to add a comment in the comment field during the booking process. This is the best way to note your information, and although there are no guarantees when making requests – it certainly can’t hurt to ask.
  • If you are having trouble purchasing a March passport (we were!) you need to ensure you have added in your Canadian address to your account. The March Passport is a special Canadian deal, and so it will not let you purchase without the address. ***Update: we are still seeing issues with this, even when a Canadian postal code is used – if you are still having trouble purchasing please call Sunday River directly to speak with one of their Vacation Sales Specialists at 1-800-543-2754 and reference the DUGGAN SKI GROUP.

Let us know if you have any other questions! Follow us on Facebook for tips like these as well.


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