Travel Requirements

Now that we are getting a bit closer to trip timing, we wanted to pull together a bit of information related to COVID and travel requirements. Obviously, things are changing so frequently that you should always refer to the official government website, but for those group members planning their trip we thought it would be handy to have some links close together.  This information is to the best of our knowledge at this time and should be verified by travelers. We are also only commenting on requirements for those who are fully vaccinated in the testing information below.

Many of you are aware that at this time, testing requirements are changing as of February 28, 2022 at 12:01 AM EST. A negative molecular (PCR, NAAT, LAMP, within 72 hours) test is not necessarily required, and a negative antigen (rapid test, taken the day prior) result may be ‘easier’ for travelers to obtain and/or perform.

It seems most important to note, Canada wants the test to be administered somewhere supervised with an address (lab, pharmacy, clinic, etc). In other words, it can’t be an unsupervised self-test. However, Canada does accept certain self-tests that are supervised online (aka telehealth), such as the Switch Health antigen or LAMP tests or the Azova LAMP tests.

Switch Health sells Rapid test kits, which you can purchase in advance and are self-administered via a telehealth experience. While we haven’t used this service ourselves, we have read some reviews involving this brand of kit with positive experiences such as this one. We have not confirmed if this meets requirements, please ensure you do so if going this route.

Children under 5 years of age do not need to have a test result.

Travelers will also be required to have either a paper or digital copy of their vaccination documentation. To be considered fully vaccinated, you need to have had both doses, for at least 14 days.

Also as of February 28, 2022; children under 12 years old, travelling with fully vaccinated adults, will continue to be exempt from quarantine. This means, for example, they no longer need to wait 14 days before attending school, camp, or daycare.

You should always keep an eye on the following government page for the latest info on detailed entry requirements:

February 28, 2022 Rule Changes:


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