Who’s getting excited?

Many of you are traveling for your trip next week;  let us know if you have any questions or feel free to post a question on the Facebook group for feedback from other group members.

The forecast for Newry is showing a bit of a mix throughout the week; with temperatures potentially warming – pack your layers! Still looks like it will cool down during the nights to keep the conditions great.

The mountain report is updated daily on the Sunday River website and app; we will also plan to post screen shots on social media stories each morning.

Although we don’t have a group discount with them, wanted to mention we had a great experience at the Best Western in Woodstock. Fantastic staff, and close to the US border! As always, we have the group rates available in Bangor as well as Freeport.

We had a fantastic time last week, can’t wait to hear how the rest of our crew does next week. Please tag us on Instagram or use the hashtag #dugganskigroup ; we love to see what you are up to!


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