Getting Closer!

Anyone planning to stay a night or two at the Best Western Freeport Inn may be interested in looking at a Groupon deal for the Muddy Rudder; the restaurant just on the other side of the river from the Inn. There are two options, $29 for $50 credit or $55 for $100 credit. See all of the details and fine print here.  Thanks for the tip, Barb 🙂

Like many of you, we also have been curious on what the access is like to Spruce Peak now that the three person chair lift normally servicing this area of the mountain is not running. There was an excellent post recently put up by the hill, on their The First Chair site. It gives the best account we have read so far of reaching the Spruce Peak runs, explaining you can cover about 1/3 of the way by keeping your speed from Borealis, and then either popping off your skis to walk or skate the rest of the way (“about 100 – 150 yds of moderate incline”).

We recently had this link on our Facebook page, but it was too good not to share again. Yesterday there was an update on the March weather to come, from Sunday River’s forecaster. He said “There’s still plenty of winter left, and I really like what I’m seeing in the modeling. March historically bring us some very wintry weather – especially the first two to three weeks of the month.”  Thanks for posting this for us, Paul.

Hard to believe but the first group will be on the Hill Sunday! We will plan to post pictures while we are on the hill next week, and please share any you have as well!

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