Hill Conditions

Bluebird morning

Sunday River has been receiving a lot of snow of late, and if anyone has not been following them on social media you may have missed the updates.

There are a total of 133 trails open today, with 24 inches of new snow in the last 10 days and 6 feet of snow in February!

The mountain report from earlier in the week said it best “You couldn’t ask for better conditions than these.” Fingers are crossed these conditions continue into March and we could be in for some wonderful times spent on the hill.

The 14 day outlook on The Weather Network shows cooler temperatures (all below zero) and potential snow for the entire March 5th trip week. This is great news for this year and anyone with us last year may remember the unseasonably warm weather we had then. All signs are pointing to a totally different story this time around!

Remember as well, although the Spruce Peak Triple Chairlift is not operating this season you can access the trails from Aurora and the hill will continue to groom the terrain.

We have been busy lately starting to pack our gear and finish up trip planning for the weeks ahead. If you are one to watch the weather closely for the drive down, we have links to the highway cameras along the route in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Maine under our information section.

Deep Snow Everywhere

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