Let’s Talk About Food

But first, we wanted to mention that we are having some difficulties with the 1-800 phone number for the Best Western Freeport Inn. Please call 1-207-865-3106 for reservations, more details under our FAQ Section. ** Update: 1-800-242-8838 should be working again.

Those of you following us on Facebook may have noticed we recently shared an article about new places to eat in Bethel. Got us thinking we should do a full post on the subject.

Although the rooms at Sunday River include kitchenette amenities, it is always nice to know your options for a meal out in the area, and even some tips for lunches.

This is the original article we shared on Facebook. It gives a quick run-down of some new places in the Bethel area – that taco bar sounds really good!

We also learned of a new spot opening at Sunday River itself: The Mountain Room at the Peak Lodge. This season, they will have drinks and appetizers but next season are planning a full restaurant.

Many of our group members have been to Sunday River before, but even after all these years it seems we are always learning something new about the food court options. After reading up on the options at this link, we have added the mac and cheese bar and the brie and granny smith apple sandwich from Barker Lodge to our lunch plans, and South Ridge Lodge had us at sushi and mini donuts.

If you are planning on packing a lunch yourself, it’s always fun to make a quick stop at Peak Lodge to warm up hillside with one of their legendary fresh sticky buns (big enough to share!). Even non-skiers can take a ride on the Chondola to the lodge and enjoy 🙂

Outside of the Sunday River area, we wanted to also mention the Muddy Rudder in Freeport. It is just across the river from the Best Western Freeport Inn and is a tradition for many of our group members. Anyone traveling to Portland, we would recommend Pom’s Thai Restaurant. Does anyone have any favourites in Bangor to add?

 PS – If you aren’t following us on Facebook, now is a great time to do so. We have been sharing photos and videos the hill posts of the snow conditions; today there was a fun article on traveling with kids.


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