CADS NS Special Events

UPDATE: Please note, the time has been corrected for the Ski Martock event since original posting. Correct time shown in text below.

Received this information today on upcoming events from the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing (CADS) and thought it may be of interest to our group members and their friends and family.

CADS NS is hosting Mark Newton (ALPINE CANADA ALPIN,  Para Alpine Athlete Development Manager) this weekend.

Saturday Feb 6th, Ski Martock @ 3:00 pm, BBQ between 2:30 and 3:30 pm
Sunday Feb 7th, Ski Wentworth @ 11:30 am, BBQ @ 12:00 noon.

If you know of anyone who may be interested in sit skiing or other para skiing, i.e. visually impaired, amputees, spinal injuries etc., please extend an invite to them.

Come out and meet Mark and the Regional Para Coach, Brian, and Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing (CADS) N.S. Provincial Representative for the CADS National Board of Directors, Ed McQuillan, as well as other CADS members and CADS ski instructors.

We would love to meet you to discuss adaptive skiing. If you would like to volunteer with CADS, drop by and we can help you get started.

PS – 86 trails are currently open, with 8 inches of snow in the forecast for tomorrow!

That view, though.



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