Looking for New Goggles, Anyone?

We recently discovered that West Halifax Optometry carries Zeal Optics goggles. The zeal website shows the different styles available, and seem reasonably priced. The contact at Halifax West Optometry is Melissa Harvey (902)406-2020; located at 2828 Windsor St in Halifax.

We wanted to pass along the brand name and contact info in case anyone needed a new pair of goggles for the season, these might be worth considering.

Some models are sized to fit over your prescription glasses (marked as “Over the Glass Ready” on their site) and four of the styles (Voyager, Slate, Fargo, and Forecast) can be fitted with special inserts to hold prescription lenses. These inserts are available through Melissa for $30. *The cost of the prescription lenses themselves not included.

Snow conditions are good at the hill; the picture below was from Tuesday! There are currently 87 trails open, on their 60th day of snow making 🙂

PS – We are not being compensated for sharing this information with you – just thought it was worth passing along in case anyone wanted to check them out!


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