Winners and Injury Information

We have the winners of our dining card draw! Congratulations to Mark Tector and the Bunbury/Gorman family. I will include your dining cards along with your packet for when you pick it up at check in.

Just in case, also wanted to pass along the following information provided by Sunday River on Ski Patrol and the medical clinic:

At Ski Patrol, there is a medical clinic as well, Western Maine Mountain Clinic. When someone is injured, we advise them to first stop into Ski Patrol at South Ridge, which is found to the right of the building from the slopes on the bottom floor. Their phone number is 207-824-4350. For non-emergency’s, please call 207-824-4349.

Here is a link to Western Maine Mountain Clinics website describing their services that are provided.

If something comes up that you are unable to use your lift ticket, please contact me right away so I can look into getting some type of credit voucher, if possible.

Today was the best skiing conditions we have seen in the past nine days. There were a couple of lifts closed due to wind but otherwise great!



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