Update – January 28, 2015

Hello group members!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the snow yesterday; Sunday River received some as well with 10 inches falling overnight and 8 inches the day before. As of this morning there are 123 trails open!!!

We added some new info today under the ‘Information’ heading. If you look to the Sunday River – Group Information Documents section, you can now find links to the Snow Guarantee as well as the Group Information document. Please take the time to read through these documents prior to your trip.

Hard to believe how quickly the trips are approaching! In just 4 short weeks, those of us on the March 1 trip will likely be making last minute plans for packing and checking the weather for driving! Soon those countdown clocks that have been on the edge of this site will change to ‘days’ and will start to make a bit more sense (the settings are by month and seem to have a funny way of counting down!). 🙂

Some great pictures have been posted today from the Hill. Remember to visit their Flickr site if you would like to see even more!

18 inches in the past two days!

18 inches in the past two days!



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