Update – January 4, 2015

Hello everyone,

Well the time has come to move to the next phase – payment of  the balance owing. Over the next few days I will send out updated balance sheets with your current balance (including the time frame and the methods of payment). If any of you wish to order any dining cards, make additions or deletions to your package, it would be a good time to do so.

We are still working on the TUBING, not sure if we will do that this season as a private function. We will let you know our decision in the near future.

Along with the booking sheet blance, there will be an attachment that has a Group member card.

It will identify you as a member of our group if needed for discounts at the Hotels and also any local retailer ( Cleve’s Burnside ) that give us a group rate .

Thanks to everyone that have already sent in their payments, you can still purchase Dining Cards if you wish to.

Don’t forget to look at booking any lodging you will need during your travels.

Bring some friends along , we have a few rooms, you might win a Dining card for your referral !

Stay in touch,

Stan & Jackie


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