Update – December 2, 2014

Hello group!

Can you believe it is December already? Maybe with the cold winds in Halifax today it felt like it!

I don’t have much to share in this update, but am looking for some help on the sales front!

We are just about to lose a bunch of our unfilled rooms. I only have until this Friday (!!!!) to fill them. This is not good news for our group, and for anyone still on the fence about joining us this year. There won’t be any rooms opening up in the near future (if any at all).

If you have friends that you think might like to come along please let them know about us. Pass along our contact information or share the link to this site. If you have already spoken to some of your friends, give them a nudge that you would love for them to join you this year.

In the past we have been able to wait till the last minute to decide, and I know that it is still early, but the Hill is anxious to fill up their rooms!

Thanks very much,

Stan & Jackie

PS – Here is a shot near South Ridge, taken earlier today.



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