Shopping Along the Way

Even though we are all headed to Sunday River for some fabulous skiing, there are also some great opportunities for outlet shopping along the way.

Coming from Halifax, Nova Scotia, we always head to Freeport for our first night of the trip. Freeport offers a lot of great brand name stores, as well as a huge 24 hr LLBean location. Here is the link to the website with store hours and a directory.

Note: We also have a group discount at the Freeport Inn for our group members. It is a great place to stay, with a small breakfast spot on site for very affordable breakfast options. More info on this location is available under the FAQ section “Where can I stay along the way?”.

If you are spending any extra time in Freeport, Kittery Premium Outlets is only 1 hour away. They have quite a few of the same shops in Freeport, although a lululemon outlet opened last year.

Once at the Hill, a great afternoon trip is to North Conway for the Settlers’ Green outlet village. They have all the main brands represented and everything is tax free in New Hampshire! It is only about an hour and 20 minute drive from the hill, so we typically go mid week after skiing in the morning.

We have also been told that the Merrimack Premium Outlets is worth a visit. It is located in New Hampshire, 2 hours 15 minutes from Freeport or 2 hours 15 minutes from North Conway. We will keep you posted if we find more information on this location.

Lastly, any IKEA fans might want to know that you are as close as you are going to get while in Freeport! The location in Stoughton, MA is two and a half hours south of Freeport. Pam and Ryan add it on to their itinerary every year at the start of the trip, so if you are looking for the best route to take / any info let us know and they will happily share (hint: the best route is NOT the one your GPS wants you to take 🙂 )


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