Update – October 24, 2014

Hello group!

I will sending out booking sheets to everyone individually, some of you may have already received them.

The deposits are now due. They are NON REFUNDABLE.

You have a two choices regarding payment method. We do not accept VISA or Personal Checks.

1. USD Money orders:

Please make out to Sunday River Resort, make sure your name is on it. You can mail or deliver to us at home. Please contact me for address and / or directions. If you plan to drop by, please give a call first to arrange a time, please do not leave between the doors!

2. E-transfer:

This is becoming the most popular method. You will transfer in Canadian funds and the bank converts it for us into USD. Once it is converted, I will notify you of the USD amount that is received. If it is short you may need to top up, and if over, we will simply apply it to your outstanding balance. Once the transaction is complete I will send you an updated booking sheet showing amount received and balance owing for your records.

You can get a rough idea of the conversion from any Financial institute, here is a Scotiabank link. Look up what a client pays in Can funds for US funds,  add a small percentage and you should be fairly close.

Prior to sending your e-transfer, make sure you send me the answer to your security question in a separate email.

If you have friends that would like info on the trip please share our email and website with them! Our rooms are filling fast, so don’t wait too long!

Stan & Jackie


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