Update – September 30, 2014

Hello everyone,

Our returning members may have noticed a new email for our upcoming trip, please use this for all future correspondence. This will be our permanent email moving forward: sundayriverskiers@gmail.com

The blog is new this year! We are hoping it provides a good source of information for frequently asked questions, and also allows us to post updates as we go along. We are still working on updates, but anything you would like to see included let us know.

At this point we have trips scheduled for Mar 1-6 and Mar 15 to 20, there is a possibility that something may be available for Mar 8 to 13.

Rooms are limited Mar 15 – 20 since  PEI school break is the same week as NS school break!

After the conditions of last year it’s possible that availability will book up very fast, so now is the time to get your name on a room. Just a reminder, rooms are on a first come basis!

We had a great trip last year and hope that our next will be even better.

Stan & Jackie


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